Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A Government Approved Co-Ed College for Paramedical Science & Technology

Affiliated to Jharkhand State Paramedical Council, Ranchi, Govt of Jharkhand

Diploma in Operation Theatre Assistant (DOTA)

Course Overview

An operation theatre technologist is a person who looks after all the work and management of the operation theatre which includes assisting the surgeon during the surgical operations and looking after the drugs required for surgery, anaesthetic gases, drapes, linen & their sterilization. The aim of the course is to teach and train students in the management of operation theatre along with handling a variety of operating instruments including electronic and advanced equipment used in modern operation theatres.

Why you should study this course:

Sterilizing/ Cleaning all instruments in the OT and maintaining utmost hygiene in the OT. Assisting the Doctor/ Surgeon in the operation theatre as required before, during and after the Surgical Operation.

Accreditation and Professional Recognition

Job placements

Operation Theater in hospitals, Emergency care Departments, as well as ICUs in hospitals, are places where OT Technicians are needed, which include General Surgery/Ophthalmic Surgery/Orthopedic/Gynecology Surgery /Plastic Surgery/ENT surgery/Neurosurgery/Cardio Therapy Surgery/Spinal Surgery/Urology etc.