Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A Government Approved Co-Ed College for Paramedical Science & Technology

Affiliated to Jharkhand State Paramedical Council, Ranchi, Govt of Jharkhand

About us

Principal's Message

Dear Students,

Education to me is about ‘Learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life’.

With the advent of Medical based technology, as we move into a boundary-less and inter-connected world, the common phrase ‘sky is the limit’ seems a bit of a cliché, since the quantum of success has grown in manifold. With success comes the attitude towards winning and spirit of achievement; and education should aim towards preparing the mind-set for excellence. Excellence can be achieved in various fields depending on the student’s capacities and capabilities. The syllabus must be enriched by incorporating a good pedagogy and integrated programmes to create learning experiences and right interpretation of facts. Experiential Learning, to me, is the key to quality education.

Finally education is all about providing the specialized skills and negotiating tools to the coming generation that can be used constructively for the betterment of mankind.

Best Wishes…

Dr. R K Mukhopadhyay


Our Mission

Our Institute- “Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences” is detected to providing excellence in biomedical education, basic and clinical research, quality patient care and services to improve the health of the citizen of India and beyond. The Institute is committed to the education and training of students in paramedical, physical therapy and research technology. We will recruit and develop faculty to serve as exemplary role models for our students.

Our Values

MIPS will achieve worldwide eminence as an academic institution in medical field and continuing professional education, basic and clinical research, clinical practice and service: public health and prevention and responsiveness to its community. The Institute, in an environment with both rapid scientific and technological advances and economic changes, will be recognized for its excellence and innovation in Education, Research, Patient Care and Community Services.