Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

Madhusthali Institute of Paramedical Sciences

A Government Approved Co-Ed College for Paramedical Science & Technology

Affiliated to Jharkhand State Paramedical Council, Ranchi, Govt of Jharkhand

Diploma in ECG Technician

Course Overview

This course is too much effective in the field of the Health sector. The main object of this course is to manage health and sanitary aspects in a variety of organizations enabling them to safeguard public health & environment


The elementary idea about the goal of nutrition in health, nutrients food, a balanced diet, healthy cooking practices  and clean cooking procedure is also provided here, The course content includes a basic overview of Anatomy, Microbiology and Biochemistry to Sociology & Healthy Environment & Health, water & health to sanitation & health .

Why you should study this course:

ECG technician course is a diploma course in which the technicians monitor and test a patient’s cardiovascular performance using ECG equipment, this test is known as Electrocardiography. They have very good private and independent practices without having a very big infrastructural investment

Accreditation and Professional Recognition

Job placements

After completing the course in ECG  technician one can find jobs at health care centers, Hospitals, Diagnostic labs, Medical Clinical etc.